Mendlesham Pre-school
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“Children are confident, independent and relish their time at this very welcoming pre-school group. Staff are highly motivated, work well as a team and have a good understanding of the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework, consequently, children make excellent progress in their learning and development. Staff offer a fully inclusive service where the uniqueness of each child is recognised and celebrated. Highly successful partnerships with parents and other agencies have been established, ensuring children's needs are fully supported. The pre-school is led by an experienced, highly motivated and extremely enthusiastic manager who demonstrates a dedicated approach towards continuous improvement.”
(Latest Ofsted Report, August 2010)

“My daughter announced today that she’s staying at Pre-school for two weeks. Net asked me to send in her pyjamas! I couldn’t have asked for a more positive response to her first day back after the holidays. She just loves her time there.”
(Pre-school parent)

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